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Programming Classes

All programming classes are taught as a mixture of lecture and labs. The extensive lab exercises are designed to ensure understanding of the material covered.

Lab time also allows advanced students to pick the brains of the instructor. Classes are planned for groups of two students per workstation (though a machine per student is optimal).

Classes are most effective with 14 or fewer students, this allows time for individual attention.

All classes can be customized based on the attendees experience level and intended projects.

Intro to Perl
For those needing to learn Perl as a first or second or third... language. We teach Perl 5 for most customers, if you need Perl 6 let us know, we have a transition class as well as a Perl 6 class (which isn't really Perl anymore).
Advanced Perl
The next step for those wanting to accomplish more complex tasks.
Networking with Perl
Inter process communication, sockets and streams.
GUI Perl in X
Primarily Perl/TK, though the Sx interface can be discussed if desired.
OO technique in Perl Discussions on the benefits of OO programming, and how to do it in Perl
Perl CGI
Using the Perl CGI Module
Intro to JAVA For those needing to learn JAVA as a first or second or third... language.
Advanced JAVA The next step.
Using JAVA on the web Applets, signatures, servlets, etc...
JAVA vs. JavaScript So that there is no confusion, read this link.
JavaScript Programming embedded in HTML to offload tasks from the server to the client (browser).
Intro to C Programming
For those needing to learn C as a first or second or third... language.
Advanced C programming
A relatively complete view of C programming and the facilities that typically surround any C development effort.
C++ programming for C programmers
Just what it sounds like. Not for non-programmers. That is a different class
Regular Expressions in (Perl|C|C++|JAVA|Python|TCL|.*)
Pick your language, knowing Regular Expressions well will make you a better programmer in that language.
TCL Scripting
For those needing to use TCL builtin to an application.
Python Programming
The up and coming language. Strongly OO making it easier to read than Perl.
Born/Korn shell scripting
For those needing to learn UNIX shell scripting.

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