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Advanced Perl

Course Summary

This course covers the details of programming in Perl. Many powerful constructions, techniques, and program breaking pitfalls to avoid are discussed, and covered by example. Subjects in the course are: essentials such as list use, details of functions, variable scoping, special variables, naming conventions, file I/O details, working with binary files, use of packages and modules, multi dimensional arrays, more on use of hashes, program efficiency, using the perl debugger, and many more constructs. The course also takes a roving look at CPAN, and a brief look at CGI programming with Perl.


Anyone familiar with writing basic Perl programs, but would like to explore more of Perls capabilities, or prepare to take any of the Perl extension courses listed on the Perl Extensions page.

Prerequisite Knowledge:

The student must be familiar with writing in perl, either through self taught experience, or by having taken the Introduction to Perl Programming course.

Terminal Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to write effective, efficient perl programs. These programs could include any of the subjects listed in the summary above, or the outline below.

Course Length:

2 Days.

Course Outline:

Essential Basic Perl 
  Commas, lists, and functions
  List and array constructs
  Subroutines, local, and my
Perl Variables and Name Use
  Some special variables in Perl
Naming conventions in Perl
    Type globbing,  Packages, References
    Perl Libraries
Additional Perl Constructs
  eval and string constructions
The Perl Debugger
File I/O Stuff
  Fixed-length files,   Binary files, pack and unpack
CGI Programming with Perl
Shortcuts And Efficiency Considerations

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