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Using Java on the web

Course Summary

This class focuses on the use of Java on the web. At the browser, we discuss the use of jar files as well as digital signatures and certificates in Java applets. At the server, we discuss both Java servlets and JavaServer pages (JSP). Servlets are a good alternative to traditional CGI, and are written in Java. JSP provides for dynamic web pages, and include a mix of HTML and Java code.


Anyone needing to program web related Java programs.

Prerequisite Knowledge:

This course assumes the student has prior Java programming experience (such as our "Intro to Java Programming" course.). Additionally, knowledge of use of the operating system, filesystems, user interface and editors of the platform that labs will be conducted on is expected.

Terminal Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to design, write, debug and test Java code.

Course Length:

2-5 Days (It varies depending on the students prior Java experience, longer classes include the intro course)

Course Outline:

Using jar files
Digital signatures and certificates
The servlet life cycle
Working with HTTP and the web server
Working with cookies
Working with incoming FORM and applet data
Response headers and MIME types
Generating HTML
Session tracking
Servlet debugging
JavaServer pages
JSP syntax
Mixing HTML with dynamic content from servlets
Including files and applets in JSP documents
JSP and JavaBeans
Adding new tags (JSP tags) to HTML

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