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JAVA or. JavaScript, Which language for you?(or both!)

The answer to this question lies in what the objectives are for the code you plan to develop. You might need one, none, or both. The two languages were developed by different companies, for different purposes, though there is some interaction between the two.
The short description of JAVA, is that it is a general purpose, Object Oriented, and very portable, programming language. Some might say the future replacement for C++, others would argue the point. JAVA has graphics, and I/O capabilities. You can write command line code, or full blown graphics applications. You can also write programs designed to be executed in a web browser, these are capability restricted (for security) programs called applets, but are just a small part of JAVA the Sun Microsystems developed language. A JAVA program might never be run in a browser, and thus is not a WEB language, but has that ability.

The short description of JavaScript, is that it was designed to be embedded in HTML markup, in a web document. JavaScript was designed to give programatic content to a Web Document. It is rather capability restricted for security reasons. JavaScript has no graphics or I/O capabilities (except on the server side). JavaScript can be used for generating dynamic documents, whose code runs in the browser, on the client machine. It has many purposes, foremost might be variable document content (such as automatic table of contents, and frame document control), and client side forms data checking, reducing the load on HTTP servers. JavaScript was developed by Netscape Communications.

A powerful feature of using both, is that JAVA has graphics, but cannot control the browser, and JavaScript can control the browser, but has no graphics. The JavaScript class talks about how to use the LiveConnect features to allow JAVA and JavaScript to access each others capabilities.

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