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C++ Programming (For C programmers)

Course Summary

This hands on C++ programming course covers all an experienced C programmer needs to know to start writing, compiling and running C++ Code in an Object Oriented manner.  C++ syntax is presented in a manner that facilitates Object Oriented Programming techniques and it's inherent benefits: Code reuse, reliability, performance, and promotion of team development. 

  C++'s Object Oriented Programming features are covered, such as: Class hierarchies and inheritance, constructors and destructors, polymorphism, Templates, Exceptions and more.  The class is approximately 50% classroom instruction and 50% hands on programming.


This course is targeted at experienced C programmers needing to start working with C++.

Prerequisite Knowledge:

The class assumes students are comfortable programming in C.

Terminal Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to: design, write, debug and test C++ programs.

Course Length:

3 Days with extensive exercises

Course Outline:

Day 1
     Background C Ideas (optional review time)
     Introduction and Basics of Object Oriented Programming
     Abstract data types and Classes
     Functions 1: Efficiency, Arguments, and Return Types
Day 2
     Functions 2: Types and Overloading, Polymorphism
     Class Hierarchies and Inheritance
Day 3
     Constructors, Destructors
     Other topics: I/O, Exceptions,  Constants and Templates
     OO Design techniques

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