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Advanced Java Programming

Course Summary

This course picks up where the "Intro to Java Programming" class left off, and covers many of the newer, higher-level features of the Java language. The course covers the features of the language that make it a natural language for working with the Internet, as well as those features that may make Java the OO language of choice in the next century.  These include the Reflection API, JavaBeans, object serialization, RMI, security certificates and authorities, URL use, working with CGI scripts, JAR files, and more.


Anyone wanting to explore the higher-level features of the Java language.

Prerequisite Knowledge:

This course assumes the student has prior object-oriented programming experience, and in particular, is familiar with Java's object model, lexical structure, and other basics of the language.

Terminal Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to design, write, debug and test Java code that uses the more complex features of the language.

Course Length:

2 Days (It can vary depending on lab exercise level desired)

Course Outline:

Day 1
  • The Reflection API
  • JavaBeans and the Beanbox
  • Object serialization
Day 2
  • Remote Method Invocation
  • Advanced use of the AWT
  • Programming for the web

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