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Advanced 'C' Programming

Course Summary

This course is designed to be taken after having completed Fame Computer Education C programming class (C-Programming) or equivalent experience. The course does NOT cover embedded programming specifics.

This course attempts to develop a relatively complete view of C programming and the facilities that typically surround any C development effort. At the outset, this includes programming standards, memory usage, make-like tools, lint-like tools, debugging, etc. Discussion proceeds to common usage of C for working with data structures (stacks, linked lists, search trees, etc.), and general library usage.

Approximately 30% of the course addresses functionality specified in the C standard library. Where applicable, we will discuss the availability and use of that library and how that affects cross-platform development, and in particular, how Windows libraries differ from Linux libraries (see this document for more details).

As the course progresses, in-depth discussions will be reduced to more conceptual discussions as time permits. Emphasis is on understanding the concepts (suitable for people just getting exposed to in-depth C usage), with deeper labs available for those who are ready.


The target audience is C programmers with competency in language syntax and ready to learn more complex features, as well as using standard and external libraries. The class explores topics such as data structures, algorithms, better program organization, dynamic memory utilization and allocation, debugging, stacks, trees, and multi-tasking.

Prerequisite Knowledge:

This class is designed to teach advanced C programming concepts. The C-Programming class or equivalent experience is required to successfully complete this class.

Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to design, write and debug C programs that utilize pointers, Data structures, run-time memory allocation, and libraries.

Course Length:

2 Days with exercises

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