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Korn/POSIX Shell Scripting

Course Profile

This course is designed to increase productivity of experienced users by enhancing their knowledge of the shell, and teaching a solid foundation of programming technique. The information in the course will enable a user to become more effective and productive through the time saving features of shell scripting.


UNIX Korn/POSIX shell users and system administrators.

Prerequisite Knowledge

Very helpful would be a background of experience in programming in any other language. The course will cover shell scripting from a first time writer through wizard of other programming language by using the building blocks approach. The more experience in programming, the higher level of knowledge that will be attained through the course. Extensive examples, and sample scripts are used in the course

Terminal Objectives

Students successfully completing this course will be able to:
  • Use advanced features of the shell interactively.
  • Write shell scripts to perform repetitious jobs automatically.
  • Write shell scripts that use variables.
  • Write shell scripts that use flow control.
  • Write shell scripts that use expression evaluation.
  • Use the Function definition feature.
  • Use the Autoload feature.
  • Describe the differences between Korn and POSIX shells.

Course Length

4 days with extensive labs

Daily Schedule

Day  1				Day 2
Introduction to the shells	I/O Re-Direction
Command Format			Meta-Characters
Shell customization		Text Commands
History and alias 
Job Control

Day 3				Day 4
Variable usage			Shell Scripts
Flow Control			Function Declaration and use
				Evaluating Expressions

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