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If your job is to design a better turbine, a faster computer chip, or administer a network, our classes will save you time and frustration by enabling you to use the power of the UNIX command line.

All classes are taught as a mixture of lecture and labs. The extensive lab exercises are designed to ensure understanding of the material covered.

We read the manuals, so that you don't have to (all our instructors have been working with UNIX for over 25 years, so the manuals actually make sense to us!).

Classes are most effective with 14 or fewer students, this allows time for individual attention and questions.

Click the course titles on the left below for some samples of our UNIX/LINUX related course profiles. To get a quote or schedule a class for your employees, email or call us.

UNIX Usage
The UNIX command line and UNIX commands explained and practiced.
Linux Usage For reformed Windows users that now have LINUX on the desktop. Includes both UNIX comman line works and the gnome or other window managers.
Survival UNIX
A quick one day class for users that occasionally need to nagivate with the UNIX shells, but mostly work in an application or Windows.
Power UNIX
Helps you move from using simple commands to the more complex UNIX features such as multiple piping, complex alias declarations, here documents, scripting and much more.
Regular Expressions
Since they are found in most programming languages and in many editors and UNIX commands, the full monty of RegEx is in this 2 day class.
Editing with VI
The Usage classes all have a brief intoduction to VI, this is the main course in a one day class. Attendeed will understand why UNIX power users then to use VI far more often than neophyte UNIX users.
HTML Editing
Course is desigend to teach HTML itself for when web design tools do the wrong thing.
Text processing with sed/awk
Since Perl has pretty much replaced usage of awk and sed for programming, this is mostly for people needing to maintain legacy scripts.

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