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UNIX Usage Course Profile

Course Summary

This course is designed promote familiarity and productivity of users new to UNIX platforms. This is done by teaching concepts of the UNIX operating system, and the mechanical details of the most common UNIX commands. Covers terminology, concepts, manual use, popular commands, and file system usage. There is also a brief introduction to the vi editor, and window system usage.


UNIX system users.

Prerequisite Knowledge

None, but the more computer familiar the student, the more advanced the level of learning attained. The course is designed to increase the level of productivity of the student from a first time computer user thru wizard of other operating systems.

Terminal Objectives

Students successfully completing this course will be able to:
  • Locate helpful information from the online manual feature.
  • Control the login environment.
  • Locate and edit files.
  • Create and control shell processes.
  • Execute essential shell commands.
  • Perform basic text editing with vi.
  • Create extract and list tar archives.

Course Length

2 days with short labs (3 days with more extensive labs or window system coverage)

Course Chapters

  • Intro, the basics
  • Accessing the File System
  • Using the C Shell
  • UNIX Commands
  • Vi Editing Introduction and Tar

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