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UNIX/LINUX Survival Skills Course Profile

Course Summary

This course is designed promote instant productivity of new users by teaching them about basic usage of the UNIX operating system, and window system. The course is specially useful for those who spend most of the time in an application, and only occasionally need to deal with UNIX itself. The successful student will leave the course with the knowledge to become immediately productive on a UNIX workstation. Covers manual use, popular commands, efficient file system usage, common text editing tools, and printing files.


UNIX system users.

Prerequisite Knowledge

None, but the more computer familiar the student, the more advanced the level of learning attained.

Terminal Objectives

Students successfully completing this course will be able to:
  • Control the Window environment.
  • Start and control applications.
  • Execute essential shell commands.
  • Perform simple text editing.
  • Print files to the available printers in the network.

Course Length

1 day with labs

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