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VI Editing

Course Summary

The VI course takes usage of VI and VIM to the level of editing efficiency. Basic editing and commands are covered first for those with no vi background. These basics are taught in a manner that makes moving quickly to advanced editing easy. Since the real power of vi comes from the fact that is was built over the ex editor, all ex commands are also addressed. There are many poweful features in vi, such as key mapping, selective filtering, and macros. This course re-introduces these lost features of vi. Still, as vi is learned, there are many issues that arise as shortcomings of vi compared to editors more recently written. This is the lead in to coverage of the vim editor, and its more advanced features, like multiple levels of undo, and split screen editing.


Anyone using the VI editors for editing any type of ascii files.

Prerequisite Knowledge

A familiarity with UNIX commands is very helpful. Having some experience in using VI also helps.

Terminal Objectives

The successful student will be able to quickly and efficiently use vi and ex editing commands to perform simple and complex edits to ascii files.

Course Length

1 Day (with labs)

Reference book

"Learning the vi Editor" O'reilly & Associates, Inc ISBN 0-937175-67-6

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